Khao Sok Discovery is one of the leading tour operators in Phuket, Thailand. We organize day trips, packages tour overnight to Khaosok National Park, and more activities for your trips in Khoasok.
          Khao Sok National Park (sometime written Khoa Sok, Khoasok, or Khaosok) located in Surathani province is one of the best well known tourist attractions in Thailand and worldwide tourists for its oldest rainforest, amazing limestone, fantastic waterfall, large mangrove, giant trees, biggest flower and various kind of wildlife animals can be found here in Khoasok Nation Park more than 48 mammal species such as Wild elephants, Monkeys, Gibbons, deer, bear, wild dog, marbled cat etc. and more than 187 kind of birds, thousands kind of butterflies and insects See more information about Khao Sok National Park.
Nowadays hundreds of tourists leave from Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi heading to Khaosok for day trip or package tour overnight. Khao Sok is the perfect place for Jungle walk, night safari tour, bird watching, canoeing trip, Elephant trekking excursion, camping and many more activities.
1 Day trip Khaosok Discovery
(Elephan Trekking)
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1 Day trip Khaosok Discovery
(Elephan Bathing)
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2 Days 1 Night
Khaosok Jungle Discovery
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2 Day Lake Discovery
Overnight, Raft House
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3 Days 2 Night Khaosok & Cheow Lan Lake Discovery
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3 Days Jungle & Lake Safari
Overnight, Boutique Camps
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Khao Sok Discovery is one of the leading tour operators and travel agent in Phuket island, Thailand. Specialize in organizing quality tour packages, day trip to Khao Sok National Park and Choe Lan Lake we have co-operated with many travel agents in Thailand and worldwide travel agents our teams are experienced, expert in eco-tourism industry, reliable and friendly with environmentally.

Khao Sok Discovery is founded by the inspiration and with a number of reasons created by big city that pushed us to make change and look for some thing or other to balance the lives after having spent time in big city that is full of confusions and uncertainties besides other reasons that are hard to find in materialism world. There are also several rapid changes which we cannot prevent, but we are able to choose how to implement and carry out. Let us bring you back to the basic of human let us bring you to Khao Sok National Park. Your memory will be kept and alive with us here forever.

Khao Sok Discovery
Khaolak 1 day trip Program Elephant Bathing
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Khao Sok Discovery Boutique Camps
Khao Sok National Park.
Your memory will be kept and alive with us here forever.

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