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KhaoSok Discovery


  • How many tents do you have?
    21 Tents and up to 40 in the very near future
  • How do you accommodate families?
    We arrange them the same tent with extra mattress and duvet, or the tent next from each other.
  • What is your family policy?
    We have no baby cot access. Smoking is not allowed in every tent. Keep low voice after 22:00.
  • Do you provide hair dryers?
    Yes, we do. (not every tent but the guest can borrow free of charge)
  • Do you have electricity on the Raft House?
    The Electricity on the raft house is from 18:00-06:00am
  • Is there internet / WiFi at Khaosok Boutique Hideaway?
    We do have, every tent can access.
  • What kind of food do you offer?
    We do offer healthy European, Thai and halal(no brand) food.
  • Can you cater for dietary needs?
    The guest can request and notify when make a booking.
  • How can I pay for drinks and souvenirs at the camps?
    Cash, Credit Cards or bank transfer.
  • What is included in these tour packages? And what is not included
    Meals, drinking water, National park fees, guide service, ac. Transport. Overnight program Included the proper accommodation, meals.
  • Which currency are your prices quoted in?
    Thai Baht.
  • How can pay for this unique soft adventure?
    Bank transfer, Paypal and credit card.
  • Is there a last minute discount?
    We have discount from times to times, not last minute booking.
  • Which is the best tour for us?
    All are recommend, it’s depend on how long times you have.
  • When is the best time to travel?
    Khaosok is located in the rain forest tropical area. You can travel all years round.
  • When is Monsoon Season?
  • What kind of guests do you welcome to Khaosok Discovery Adventure?
    We have no discriminate our guest, but we hope to have the one who respects the other with no disturbing behavior.
  • How can we book this unique soft adventure?
    Go through BOOKING then fill up the form for your tour.
  • Do you offer day trips to enjoy elephant activities?
    We do, but no riding no abuse only bathing.
  • What should we bring to Khaosok Discovery adventure?
    Appropriate walking shoes and outfit. Bring your own medicine for your specific symptom.
  • Is there Malaria in Khaosok?
    In the past, yes. But no case nowadays.
  • Do we need travel insurance?
    For your own benefit, but we have insurance for the guest who travel with us.
  • How do we go?
    You can drive to our resort, or take the local bus to Khaosok National Park, we can pick you up from there. 200-300 Bath/van/way.
  • When will we be picked up at our hotel?
    We can send the pickup with additional charge, such as from The national park is 200 THB/way
  • How can we join Khaosok Discovery Program coming from Bangkok?
    You can take the flight to Phuket, Krabi or Surat Thani airport. Then we can pick you up and join the tour in Khaosok.
  • How does the Koh Samui transfer work?
    You can take ferry to the pier, we will pick you up and join the tour in Khaosok.
  • Do you offer private transfers?
    Yes, we do. The rate is per distance.
  • Can we drive to Khaosok Boutique Hideaway ourselves?
    Yes, we have very safe and spacious parking lot for our guests.
  • We want to leave early to catch a flight/boat service. Is this possible at all?
    Yes, indeed.
  • Are elephants really scared of mice?
    There is no reason for the elephants to be afraid of mice, especially the heathy one.
  • How much do elephants eat per day?
    On average, elephant eat about 200-400 kilograms of food per day. Baby elephant 4-6 years old, eat about 50-100 kilograms per day.
  • Do elephants love peanuts?
    They love to eat, that comes from when elephants were used for attraction.
  • How about baby elephants?
    A baby elephant is called a calf. It weighs about 250 pounds at birth. Drink their mother’s milk for 2 years. Stand about 3 feet tall.
  • Can African and Asian elephants interbreed?
    Modern day elephants do not interbreed the same way they did.
  • Why most of elephant camps in Thailand still provide riding or bathing?
    The mindset is elephant can work hard, like pulling the logs. Taking elephants for tourism industry can help them to be survive. There is less forest area in Thailand nowadays.
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