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What to Pack

What to Pack to enjoy Khaosok Discovery Tour Program

1. Passport and immigration card for Check-In Process (For overnight staying)
2. Clothes that can get dirty during the Elephant Experience
3. Comfortable lightweight clothing for the duration of the stay
4. Swimwear for the lake and swimming pool
5. Lightweight long sleeve shirt and pants for the jungle trek
6. Hat
7. Sunglasses
8. Non-slip hiking shoes
9. Flip Flops
10. Light raincoat (disposable raincoats are available on the tour, but we would like to encourage you to bring a reusable one with you to save the environment)
11. Mosquito Repellent
12. SPF 25-50 Sunscreen
13. Camera
14. Day bag or small overnight bag
15. Cash for drinks at the bar and souvenirs (Please note that due to the location of the floating House, we can only accept cash payments on-site).
16. Playing cards or books

As our tours options days can vary when our guests join our tour,  we hope this list has helped you to decide what to pack and bring with you when you visit us on site of the jungle. All the activities we have covered can also help you tailor your own packing list depending on the chosen tour from our one Day Khaosok Discovery Trip to our 3 Day Khaosok Discovery adventure.


Please refer to our tour page if you need more information of what activities you will experience with us during your stay or let’s Contact Us for more detail. We are very Happy to help. *Don’t forget your travel insurance.

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