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2 Days 1 Night

Khaosok Jungle

(Overnight At Khaosok Boutique Hideaway)


Tour Level:

High Level

Tour Comfort:


Tour Period:

2 Day



Families with children younger than 12 as well as young couples love our 2-day
Khaosok Jungle Discovery: a night at Khaosok Boutique Hideaway, including the unique stay in a fully equipped tent is a really touching experience. Let your friendly guide helps you get acquainted with fascinating animals and plants that you’ve never seen before while trekking through the rain forest which is an almost untouched environment of Khaosok National Park – and of course meet our lovely elephants.

2Days 1Night Khao Sok Jungle Discovery
(Overnight At Khaosok Boutique Hideaway)


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All about the KSJ2-T : 2 Days 1 Night Khaosok Jungle Discovery
(Overnight at Khaosok Boutique Hideaway).


Recommended Tours

Day 1:

We pick you up at the hotel in the morning to leave Phuket with our guide who will take care of and provide you information. When the bus crosses Sarasin Bridge to Phang Nga Province, you can feel the lifestyle of the local communities and their livings as well as the scenery of mountains, rubber and palm which are economic plants around the area. Take a short break for a cup of coffee while enjoying beautiful scenery at Khao Lak. Khao Lak has been hit by Tsunami. Now, there is no mark of damage but only the painful memory of the tragedy. As well as good memory of people who give help to others without discrimination to class, color, nation and religious such like “one world together”. We then take you to Suratthani where the evergreen forest of Khoa Sok National Park is located. While we are on the mountainous and wonderful route, you will see the self-sufficiency lifestyle of the local people which makes us feel envy. Upon arriving Khao Sok you will be enjoying with Excited Elephant Bathing Program, you can enjoy giving the elephant a refreshing bath, where you can scrub them, play with them and, get on their back without saddle (approximately 20 minutes). After the bathing, you can buy some bananas to feed the elephants to show your appreciation if you wish. After we will lead you to Khaosok Discovery Camp Restaurant with the scenery of spectacular hills and mountains which will give you a wonderful and unforgettable memory. The restaurant is a mountain sidevwith easy and natural atmosphere with home grown plants like chilly, corn, etc.  You will be enjoying Thai and non-spicy lunch We hope that you enjoyed the delicious lunch in the real nature and the sincerity of the local people. After lunch we will start our enjoyable program with canoeing.  We provide paddlers, the offspring of the local people, to accompany you through Khao Sok River to take photographs of our valuable times.  In addition to the pleasant atmosphere of Khao Sok river that are full of live animals like snakes, gibbons and others, you will deeply touch the sincere heart and willful services of the paddlers as they treat you as the guests of their homes.

After canoeing, we will bring you to your accommodation.  Khaosok Boutique Hideaway, we provide comfortable tents. You can spend time and find a new experience with a nature. Wonderful mountain location. Enjoy a fresh and relaxing atmosphere every morning. you will enjoy dinner in a natural environment and feel the scent of the timbers and intonation of the forest.  After enjoying the tasty dinner, it’s time to take a rest in the Bungalow.  Khao Sok at night is cool and will give you a pleasant sleeping time with no need of air conditioner as the forest will give you the best and fresh air ever.

Day 2:


Welcome new morning with varieties of wildlife animals and birds that sing along within the fresh surroundings and you’ll see the fogs that extensively cover the area of Khao Sok National Park.  After breakfast, we will take you to a trekking in tropical forest which both sides contains large and small plants with water current that flows down from the mountain as well as the singing birds. The trekking routes are high and steep which is a good work out.If you come as a couple, you will get a romantic time that each of you helps each other which will make your relationship stronger.  During the trek you will be watching the insects and animals.  You will be walking through the water currents that flow down from the mountain and listening to the water when impacting the rocks which will get rid of your exhaustion.  When you come near to the waterfalls, you will see spectacular things that are hard to describe.  Rain season is the most beautiful time to trek and it takes about 4-5 hours. If you wish to take meal during adventure, you can advise our guide so they will provide for you and you will have another memorable experience.

After the trekking, we take you back to the accommodation to pack your luggage to Phuket or Khaolakand that you keep the memories of water currents and mountains that are waiting for the visitors.



• Sarasin Bridge

• Elephant Experience

• Canoeing

• The Glamping Style Tent Camps
• Khaosok Jungle Trekking 3 hrs.

The tour package Inclusion

• Admission Fees
• Transfer R/T
• Soft drinks/ Coffee break
• Lunch/ Dinner[Thai set menu]
• Licensed Tour Guide
• Insurance


The tour package Exclusion

• Alcoholic beverages
• Tips and gratuities
• Personal acquisitions from the shop or the local markets. (30).png
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