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“Experience unforgettable Elephant in Khao Sok "


(1.30-2 hours.)

Pickup: 08:30 / 12:00 / 15:00

Return: 11:00 / 14:00 / 17:00

Duration: approx. 1.30-2 hours



Price/Person: 1,500 THB Per Person

- Based on a minimum of 2 People)

Private Group: 8,200 THB(maximum 6 people)

Family Booking: 7,500 THB

(2 Adults, 2 Children age 4-10 years)


Discover the amaze of the Asian elephants at our immersive Elephant Experience program at Khao Sok Elephant Conservation, a 1.5 to 2-hour adventure designed for all ages (However, age of 4 is a good staring).  Led by experienced mahouts, the traditional elephant keepers, you’ll learn fascinating facts about these gentle giants and the vital role mahouts play in their care. Your journey begins with making nutritious elephant food, followed by the joy of hand-feeding these magnificent creatures.  ​Next, indulge in a fun and therapeutic mud spa with the elephants, then help them cool off with a refreshing bath. Given Thailand's high temperatures and the elephants' thick skin, bathing is essential to help them cool down and reduce stress. Elephants typically bathe every day as part of their natural routine. ​ The experience concludes with planting food for the elephants, contributing to their sustainable future. Safety is our top priority, and our knowledgeable guides ensure a secure and enriching interaction with the elephants. Join us for a memorable encounter that combines education, hands-on activities, and a deeper connection with nature. * Depending on whether your departure is in the morning or afternoon, the activities will be flexible depending on the Elephant's clock*

Booking Information

Pick Up From




09.00          Meet our Mahout/Kwan Chang, who will guide you through the elephants'                             daily routines. Together, you'll conduct health check-ups for the elephant                               before preparing food for our giant friend.

09.30          Enjoy a hands-on food preparation activity and personally feed the                                            elephants with the food you’ve prepared.

10.00           Embarking on a guided jungle walk with your elephant companion.                                             Indulge in a fun and therapeutic mud spa with the elephants, then help                                   them cool off with a refreshing bath. Then, planting food for the elephants,                           contributing to their sustainable future.

11.00           Refresh yourself with seasonal drink and snack or fruits. Then, be ready to                              get back to your hotel.

Tour Policy

​• Minimum 6 persons are required to operate above tour program. Please check for the available date.

• The guest from Khaolak will be skipped of Sarasin Bridge and Tsunami Memorial if it is joined program with Phuket group.

• We can reserve to re-arrange the itinerary depend on the availability to comfort the group.

• All mentioned activities depend on the weather and local conditions and may be subject to change! Pick-up and Drop-off


• Pick-up and Drop-off at Phuket and Khaolak Only, other locations additional cost may apply.

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