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Price/Person: 3,800 THB

Departure: 9:30

Return: 15:30

Duration: approx. 4.00 - 6.00 hours

( Base on a minimum of 2 people)

Ban Nam Rad Head Waters, located in Suratthani, Thailand, is a serene natural attraction renowned for its crystal-clear spring waters and lush tropical surroundings. Nestled in a tranquil forest, this hidden gem offers visitors a peaceful retreat to swim, relax, and immerse themselves in nature. The pristine waters, fed by underground streams, are not only visually stunning but also refreshingly cool, making it an ideal spot to escape the heat. Aside from this, there are boats and rubber rings available to rent your self but it is imperative that all visitors strictly adhere to the regulations of the area in order to help maintain this area of stunning natural beauty. This includes not bringing food and beverages or soap and shampoo into the area and refraining from using plastic bags or other plastic goods. Thamma Park, a hike to one of the many viewpoints, is a fascinating destination worth visiting. ​ This mountain temple park, situated close to Ban Nam Rad Headwater Forest, has gained popularity among local tourists recently. The temple features a stunning gate constructed from stacked bricks, and during specific months, the sun rises perfectly aligned with the center of the gate, creating an ideal spot for sunrise viewing.

Booking Information

Pick Up From









- Pick up from your hotel in Khao Sok (Exact time may vary depending on your hotel location or other locations outside Khao Sok). Heading to Takhun District and visiting the "Nam Rad Watershed Forest." Refresh yourself in a natural, crystal-clear pond nestled within this distinctive forest. Enjoy a revitalizing dip in the natural emerald lagoon, surrounded by the unique watershed jungle.

- Lunch at a local restaurant

- Drive to Thamma Park in Ban Khao Na Nai

- Heading back to your hotel in Khao Sok

Tour Policy

​• Minimum 6 persons are required to operate the above tour program. Please check for the available date.

• The guest from Khaolak will skip Sarasin Bridge and Tsunami Memorial if it is joined a program with the Phuket group.

• We can reserve to re-arrange the itinerary depend on the availability to comfort the group.

• All mentioned activities depend on the weather and local conditions and may be subject to change! Pick-up and Drop-off

• Pick-up and Drop-off at Phuket and Khaolak Only, other locations additional cost may apply.

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