Khaosok Discovery uses our own minivans to Khaosok or Khaolak and can guarantee great quality from our excursions; we have scheduled to check all the safety for minivans as well as all the vehicles have register tour transportation license with Transport Office with safety regulations: GPS tracking, Speed limit regulation, driving license, etc.



EXPERIENCED DRIVER                                                          FIRST CLASS PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE                                                            SEAT BELTS

AIR CONDITIONING                                                                  FIRST AID KIT                                                                                                                               WINDOW HAMMER
FIRE EXTINGUISHER                                                              LICENCED TAXI/TRANSFER COMPANY                                                                              REFRESHING TRAVEL


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From – To Approximate  Price (THB/Way/Minivan) Booking


Phuket – Kamala 0.30hr. 700    
Phuket – Patong 0.40hr. 900    
Phuket – Karon,Kata,Rawai,Panwa 0.50hr. 1,000    

Phuket – Khaolak

Airport – Khaolak 1.30hr. 2,000    
Kamala – Khaolak 1.50hr. 2,500    
Patong – Khaolak 1.50hr. 2,500    
Karon – Khaolak 1.50hr. 2,500    
Panwa – Khaolak 1.50hr. 2,700    

Phuket – Surathani

Phuket Airport – Khaosok np. 2.50 hr. 3,000    
Phuket – Khaosok np. 3.00hr. 3,500    
Phuket – Airport Surathani 3.30hr. 4,800    
Phuket – Trainstation Surathani 3.50hr. 5,200    

Phuket – Krabi

Phuket – Krabi (City) 2.30hr. 3,200    
Phuket – Krabi (Aonang) 2.50hr. 3,500    

Krabi – Surathani

Krabi – Khaosok np. 2.30hr. 3,200    
Krabi – Airport Surathani 3.00hr. 4,500    
Krabi – Trainstation Surathani 3.30hr. 4,800    
Krabi – Kohlanta 2.00hr. 3,500    
Krabi – Donsak pier 3.30hr. 6,000    


Khaosok np. – Airport Surathani 1.30hr. 1,500    
Khaosok np. – Train Station 1.50hr. 2,000    
Khaosok np. – Surathani (City) 2.00hr. 2,500    
Khaosok np. – Donsak Pier 2.30hr. 3,500   
Khaosok np – Samui 3.30hr. 5,000   

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