The Khao Sok National Park

This is one of Thailand’s most impressive experiences, whether you are a nature lover or not. The Khao Sok National Park is located in Ban Ta Khun and the Phanom district of neighbouring Surat Thani province.The whole park covers 645 sq km.

The whole park covers 645 sq km. It is actually the heart of a complex of five contiguous conservation sites that comprise the largest protected forest on the Thai-Malaysian peninsula, covering over 4,000 sq km. The other sites are Sri Phang-Nga National Park, Khlong Panam National Park, Khlong Saen and Khlong Nakha.

The park is very spectacular with dripping thick native verdant rain forest, punctuated by towering outcrops of limestone cliffs or karsts, waterfalls and sparkling streams, an island studded lake, several caves, and many trails, mostly along rivers.A beautiful large reservoir was created by the construction of the Cheow Lan Dam (also known as the Ratchaprapha Dam) across the Paseang river; this Cheow Lan Lake occupies some 165 sq km. The vast area of water is actually retained by several small dams and the surrounding rock formations are overgrown with lush jungle. Limestone outcrops protruding from the lake can reach heights of 960m, which is three times the height of similar famous formations in Ao Phang-Nga.

The Cheow Lan is a rock with fat clay core methodology used to construct the dam. This hydro electric dam on the Phra Saeng River was built in 1982 and the resulting reservoir (lake) covers an area of 185 square kilometers. The dam (rock) is 94 meters in height and 760 meters in length.

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